10 Amazing Movie Trailers That Were Better Than Their Movies

Here are 10 famous films that weren’t as good as their trailers! (Suicide Squad, Batman V Superman, Spiderman and more!)
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Film trailers were originally created to display an upcoming movie’s general synopsis, encouraging people to give the movie a chance. Now film trailers have become their own art form. With a killer editing job and an unforgettable soundtrack, a movie’s trailer can evoke a variety of emotions in a two minute spot. However, not all movies can live up to their incredible trailers. Here are 10 Amazing Trailers that Were Better than their Movies.

Script by: Megan Bushree

Voice Over by: David Macri

Suicide Squad | 0:33
Star Wars Episode 1 | 1:15
The Blair Witch Project | 1:48
The Strangers | 2:25
Watchmen | 3:13
Spiderman 3 | 3:56
Pearl Harbor | 4:40
Where The Wild Things Are | 5:20
Joy | 6:05
Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice | 6:54

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