Crowfall : Gameplay Footage & Developer Preview – The Next Big MMO?

The Kickstarter title from ArtCraft Entertainment, “Crowfall” has got a lot of MMORPG enthusiasts excited for a new MMO that lasts more than a year. With voxel-based building, player-driven economies, action-based combat, and “campaigns” in massive zones for month-long intervals. With survival mechanics like hunger, seasons, and a full-blown crafting system and item/ weapon durability.

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What is Crowfall?

Crowfall is a next generation MMORPG for the PC that combines the best elements from survival games, voxel-based creative games, and the traditional MMORPG. The game is under development and crowd-sourced. It’s focus is on the player-maintained open & persistent world. Structures are player made, as with armor, weapons, and most of the world’s campaign environment. The project is led by executive producer of Ultima Online, Gordon Walton.