Could Biking in a City Be Bad for Your Health? | National Geographic

For some people, biking to work is a choice to live a healthier lifestyle. But could their daily two-wheeled commute do more harm than good? That’s the question researchers at Columbia University are trying to answer as part of an ongoing air pollution study in New York City. In partnership with WNYC public radio, the school has been recruiting bicyclists from around the city to wear special monitoring devices on their morning commutes. From the data collected, which include GPS locations and particulate-matter concentrations, the researchers are able to map out air pollution exposure levels along the routes. Bikers are of special interest, as they breathe deeper and ride close to traffic, one of many pollution sources in the city. Though still in its early stages, the study could have implications for city planning that would keep the health of bicycle commuters in mind.
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Could Biking in a City Be Bad for Your Health? | National Geographic

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